The Lafayette Police Department is accepting applications at this time for police officers.  The deadline to submit your application is April 7, 2023.  

Applicant Testing will be held at the Lafayette Police Department Training Center on April 8, 2023

 If you have any questions, please contact Lt. Randy Sherer at rlsherer@lafayette.in.gov.

To learn more about Greater Lafayette, visit  greaterlafayetteind.com


Learn more about the hiring process and the Lafayette Police Department through our Inside The Squad podcast.
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The Lafayette Police Department wants talented men and women who can make a positive difference in the community. This website will provide you with the information you need to pursue a career as a Lafayette Police Officer.

The responsibilities of a Lafayette Police Officer are both exciting and challenging. Officers have the opportunity to work in various areas of interest such as Patrol, Bike Unit, SWAT, Field Training Officer, Traffic, Civil Disturbance Unit, K9 unit, Crime Scene Investigation, or Investigations. The ranks of Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, and Deputy Chief are obtained by a combination of requirements including a competitive examination and oral interviews. Increase in salaries and responsibilities that come with each promotion are further rewards of a successful career.

Basic Requirements 

◾Applicants must be citizens of the United States.

◾Applicants must be at least 21 years old at the time of application.

◾Applicants must have no felony convictions.

◾Applicants must be high school graduates. Applicants who have obtained a G.E.D from an accredited high school or the Military shall be considered.

◾Applicants must be of "good moral character." 

Application Process 

1. Submit an application through PoliceApp.com

2. Pass a physical agility test (minimum passing performance).  

3. Pass a written aptitude test. 

4. Take and pass a polygraph examination.

5. Formal interview with the Captain's board of the Lafayette Police Department. 

6. Background investigation.

7. Formal interview with the Civil Service Merit Commission.

8. Pass a complete psychological evaluation.

9. Pass a complete physical evaluation. 

10. Interview with Pension Board.

11. Approval through the Indiana Public Employees Retirement Fund (PERF)

12. Swearing in Ceremony


For civilian employment, please visit the City of Lafayette's employment page.

Are you already a police officer and want to join our team? Read about our lateral entry program.