A ZooMobile presentation is an educational opportunity like no other! A Zoo Educator will visit your site along with five Animal Ambassadors to teach your students about the theme of your choice in an active learning environment. By visiting individual classrooms, our presenters will bring animals right to each student’s desk and into their personal learning space. Participants are encouraged, but never required, to touch the animals whenever it is safe and appropriate.

Why you’ll love a ZooMobile visit:

• Multisensory learning environment · Live animals provide opportunities to practice observation and inquiry skills

• Presentation content aligned with Indiana and national academic standards

• Themes* to choose from:                               

Animal Kingdom (grades Pre-K-12) 
Amazing Adaptations (grades 1-12)
Habitat Safari (grades 1-8)
Rainforest Explorers (grades K–12)
Wild North America (grades 2-8)                                
Down Under Wonders (grades 2-8)                              
South American Journey (grades 2-8)
Expedition: Africa (grades 2-8) 

Creatures of the Night (grades 2-8)

*All themes are adaptable to grades PreK-12. Recommended grades above reflect best correlation for academic standards.  Please note theme availability may vary by date, and season.  Our themes are subject to change as our animal collection changes, and may be impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Fees and Information:

  • Duration: 50 - 60 minutes
  • Maximum participation: 35 participants per session
  • Number of animals: 5
  • Program Fee: $100 for the first presentation, $65 for each additional, consecutive session. Travel fees apply for all locations outside of Greater Lafayette. Book a 6+ visit package and receive a discount!

For more information on ZooMobile presentations and other outreach options, please view the Educator's Guide to Programs and Field Trips.

Contact the Education Department to Book:

  • Phone: (765) 807-1540 
  • Email: zooeducation@lafayette.in.gov
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