Commemorative Brick Pavers

When you purchase a brick, you are creating a lasting legacy and commemorating your dedication to growing the Columbian Park Zoo. Bricks may be purchased in memory to honor a friend or loved one, as well as on behalf of an organization or corporation. Proceeds from the sale of bricks benefit the Friends of Columbian Park Zoo.

The Friends of Columbian Park Zoo secure funding to ensure the quality of life for animals and the continued improvement of animal enclosures and habitats. Bricks may be purchased for $100. A portion of this purchase is tax-deductible. We will contact you after receiving your order to confirm correct spelling and punctuation prior to engraving and installation. By purchasing a commemorative brick paver, you are making an impact not only in your backyard, but also world wide.

  1. Brick Paver

Each 8"x4" brick consists of up to 3 lines of 13 characters. Your inscription will be sand blasted into the brick and inlaid with black enamel for a durable, long lasting message.

*The Friends of Columbian Park Zoo reserves the right to refuse brick orders that contain vulgar, offensive or discriminatory language or references.


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Purchase a brick paver (City Employee Discount)