Beyond the Headlines

Detailing little known programs and initiatives that make a big impact on keeping the Lafayette community safe.
  1. Sex Offender Verification Program

    The Sex Offender Verification Program is an initiative to maintain contact with registered sex offenders living in the city of Lafayette.

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  2. High Tech Crimes Unit

    The High Tech Crimes Unit is a collaborative effort between Tippecanoe County Law Enforcement Agencies and Purdue University to better investigate crimes that involve technology and electronics.

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  3. A Vital Element: Dispatch

    Dispatch is often overlooked as being a vital and valuable part of the public safety system.

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  4. Modern Police Partnerships

    Modern police departments leverage technology and information analytics in order to provide better service to the community. Find out how LPD does this with the help of local resources.

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Lafayette Police

Image provided by Taylor Hardy, WLFI-TV 18