Police Officer Lateral Entry Program

Transferring Officers

The Lafayette Police Department has long recognized the value of those applicants who have law enforcement experience. In order to benefit from the experience of those applicants, the Lafayette Police Department is providing starting salary/pay incentives commensurate with an applicant's police/law enforcement experience.

Employment Requirements

In order to be considered for employment with this agency, applicants must meet all established pre-employment minimum requirements, as well as successfully complete all testing, screening and background screening components. To be eligible or qualify for consideration in the "Lateral Entry Program", the applicant must possess an Indiana Law Enforcement Academy Certification or be a successful applicant to the I.L.E.A. Waiver Requirement process. Lateral entry officers cannot apply for the waiver until employed by the department. The effective pay rate will commence upon the completion of the Field Training Program.

About the Program

The Lateral Entry Program will provide accelerated salary/pay incentives for qualified candidates. The following information is provided as a guide regarding those entry level salaries. Calculation for years of service will not include partial/seasonal years of service.The Lateral Entry Program does not recognize rank or seniority "rights" from the officer's prior employment.


Although the entry level starting salary for the Lafayette Police Department in 2019 is $54,423, qualified candidates with 1 to 2 years of law enforcement experience* will receive a salary that is equivalent to a 2nd class patrolman or $57,603 **.

Qualified candidates with 2 or more years of law enforcement experience* will receive a salary that is equivalent to a 1st class patrolman or $63,962. **

* "law enforcement experience" is defined as: employment with a local, county, state or federal agency that has primary responsibility for law enforcement and arrest powers. For purposes of the Lateral Entry Program, military experience does not qualify.

** All candidates accepting employment through the "Lateral Entry Program" will begin at the entry level starting salary. Once lateral entry candidates successfully complete the Field Training Program, they will begin receiving either 2nd class or 1st class officer salary; depending on their level of prior experience. They will also be considered "Probationary Officers" consistent with department rules and regulations.