Who is the Lafayette Housing Authority?

The Lafayette Housing Authority is a municipal corporation.   LHAs contract with HUD to administer the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program.  LHA is not HUD.  

What does the Lafayette Housing Authority do?

We provide rental assistance to low income families who qualify for our program.  Initially, we make sure that families who apply for rental assistance meet the HUD eligibility criteria.  This includes meeting income limits and program requirements.  For as long as the family receives rental assistance, the Lafayette Housing Authority monitors their compliance with program requirements.  

Do you have emergency housing?

The Lafayette Housing Authority does not provide emergency housing.  
LTHC Homeless Services has programs geared towards ending homelessness and vulnerable households.  They are located at 615 N 18th St, Lafayette.  Their phone number is 765-423-4880.

In Central Indiana, you may also call 2-1-1 for Connect2Help.  Connect2Help provides information and assistance with food, utilities, aging issues, counseling and finding safety from violent situations.

How does a family become eligible for rental assistance?

People who wish to receive rental assistance must apply to get on a waiting list.  Families are taken off the list by local preferences. We can only help as many people as we have funding available. 

How long does it take to get into the HCV Program?

For the Housing Choice Voucher program, the waiting list is lengthy, with estimated wait times exceeding 2 years.

The Lafayette Housing Authority administers a local preference system for waiting list applicants.  There are four preferences that will affect an applicant’s duration on the waiting list.  If no preferences can be claimed, then you can anticipate a longer wait.  

In general, don't wait until a crisis occurs to apply. The sooner you apply, the sooner the Housing Authority can begin processing your application for eligibility.

Keep in mind that this wait period is for selection from the waitlist, and does not mean you will be offered a voucher after this wait. When your name comes to the top of the waitlist, the Lafayette Housing Authority will schedule you for a meeting to sign the necessary forms, verify your preferences and collect your income, asset, and household documentation.  

How can I update or change my preferences?

You are required to update any changes in your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, income and family size. All changes must be completed on the LHA applicant portal.

Applicant Portal
To make changes on an application you already completed, click here.

Can the Housing Authority deny assistance?

Yes. Even if you can prove that you need housing, our agency is required by federal law and agency regulations to refuse assistance if you do not qualify.

To determine if you meet the financial eligibility requirements, see our Income Eligibility Guidelines.

What size of unit would I qualify for?

Rental assistance recipients are required to follow certain occupancy standards that limit the number of residents according to the number of bedrooms. The following is a basic guide:

 Voucher Size  Persons in Household
   Minimum - Maximum
0 Bedroom 1-1
1 Bedroom 1-4
2 Bedrooms 2-6
3 Bedrooms 3-8
4 Bedrooms 4-10
5 Bedrooms 6-12

Can I have bedrooms for my children even if I don’t have them full-time?

The size of a unit is based upon household members who are present in the household at least 50.1% of the time. You may be authorized to house additional children as approved and scheduled guests based on custody arrangements and other situations. This would not increase the number of bedrooms your household is provided.

Can I pick out which unit I want to rent under the HCV Program?

The housing choice voucher program places the choice of housing in the hands of the individual family. An eligible family is advised of the unit size for which it is eligible based on family size and composition. The housing unit selected by the family must meet an acceptable level of health and safety and be within the price guidelines before the PHA can approve the unit. When the voucher holder finds a unit that it wishes to occupy and reaches an agreement with the landlord over the lease terms, the PHA must inspect the dwelling and certify the rent requested is reasonable.