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Picking Up Recyclables, Trash

It’s part of life. We buy stuff, use it and often need to dispose of it and its packaging. Enter your Sanitation Department.

With environmental responsibility and cost efficiency as our guiding principles, your Sanitation Department: 

  • Picks up residential solid waste, large items, and recyclables once a week 

Additional Information

  • Recyclables should NOT be bagged. Comingle recyclables in the recycling toter
  • Only latex paint containers are accepted. Containers need to be dried out using kitty litter or similar drying agent and have the lid off for pick up
  • Large item pick up is limited to approximately one small pickup truck load of items once per year per residence. Please note that any additional garbage bags or items outside of the trash toter is considered part of large item pick up
  • Building materials from major home renovations or contractors will not be picked up

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 During normal work hours Monday through Friday, 6:00am - 2:00pm, call (765) 807-1410