Multiple Disciplinary Team

One of the tools currently being used by local law enforcement agencies to investigate child molest and severe physical abuse or neglect is the Multiple Disciplinary Team (MDT). The MDT consists of a law enforcement representative, Child Protective Services, and the Tippecanoe County Prosecutor's Office. Members of the team are trained in forensic child abuse interviewing techniques that have been proven to be successful not only in gaining the most information from the child victim, but can also be upheld in a court of law.

Heartford House
A child advocacy center has been established here in Lafayette called the Heartford House and is used to facilitate such an interview. The house is set up to be child friendly in order to make the victim feel as comfortable as possible. The interview is done by 1 member of the MDT while the others watch from another room via closed circuit cameras. The interview is audio and video taped to be used later in court. The MDT approach has been very productive, resulting in more successful prosecutions.