Special Weapons & Tactics

SWAT is an acronym for Special Weapons and Tactics. One of the 1st SWAT teams formed in this country was that of the Los Angles Police during the 1960's.


The LPD SWAT team is a part time team that trains 200 hours per year, including one 60 hour week a year at Camp Atterbury. In addition to training attended by the SWAT team they also instruct active shooter training.  Most of the team participates in putting this training together.  Many of the team members are handgun and rifle instructors and are actively involved in training under the direction of the head firearms trainer.  

Physical Fitness

Physical fitness standards are required to be met in order to be selected for the team and to remain an active member of the team. The team conducts 2 physical fitness tests on an annual basis.

Armored Vehicles

A major equipment project started and completed in 2012 was the acquisition of 2 armored vehicles. Lieutenant Nick Amor provided the initiative for this project and was responsible for overseeing the completion of it. As a result, the team now operates an armored bank trunk that has been refurbished, retrofitted, and outfitted with electronics.  The second vehicle is a Humvee that was obtained through the military surplus program.  The Humvee has since been up-armored extensively. Almost all of the work and labor done for both vehicles was donated by officers and businesses in the community who donated time and materials.  


The Lafayette Police Department Special Weapons and Tactics (LPD SWAT) team consists of 16 officers, detectives, and commanders who are trained and equipped to resolve complex and critical situations. The command structure of the team is made up of 1 lieutenant who serves as the team commander and 1 sergeant who serves as team leader. Captain Joe Clyde, of the Detective Division, serves as the department head who oversees the team.

The 2020 Swat Roster:

  • Lieutenant AJ Mellady - Commander
  • Lieutenant Chad Robinson-Team Leader
  • Lieutenant Nick Amor
  • Lieutenant Clawson
  • Lieutenant Sherer
  • Sergeant Brandon Withers
  • Sergeant Michael Zambon
  • Sergeant Bryan Strah
  • Sergeant Ian O'Shields
  • Sergeant Shawn Verma
  • Detective Pat Dempster
  • Officer Jason Walters
  • Officer David Chapman
  • Officer Khoury Elias
  • Officer Tobias Bushong

SWAT Challenge Event

On an annual basis since 2003, the LPD SWAT team has participated in the Indiana SWAT Officers’ Association SWAT Challenge Event. This team competition usually consists of 16 to 20 participating teams from Indiana and surrounding states. In 2013, 2014, and 2015 the LPD team placed 1st overall and took 1st place in the Obstacle Course and Hostage Rescue events.

2013 and 2014 Team
  • Adam Mellady
  • Scott Clark
  • Nick Amor
  • Ian O'Shields
  • Randy Sherer
  • Chad Robinson
2015 Team
  • Adam Mellady
  • Scott Clark
  • Nick Amor
  • Ian O'Shields
  • Chad Robinson
  • Mike Zambon