"How To" Sports Videos

Lafayette Parks and Recreation and the McAllister Center have partnered with Lafayette Jeff Athletics and other community members to bring you a series of Sports "How-To" videos. Throughout the year we will feature different sports, coaches and athletes on how to perform basic moves in their sport. 

Football Basics:

Video 1: How to Hold a Football + Hallway Drill
Coach Shanley, Brady Preston & Lance Crowder from Jeff Football show us how to throw a football

Video 2: How to Catch a Football

Coach Johnson teaches us the proper way to catch a football

Video 3: How to Take a Handoff + Proper Ball Security 

Coach Shanley demonstrates how to take a handoff and what proper ball security looks like

Very big thank you to Jeff Football and Jeff High School Athletics for helping us create our Football Basics How-To series!

Volleyball Basics:

Video 1: Introduction & Forearm Pass
Coach Gripe teaches us all about the forearm pass

Video 2: Setting 101

Coach Gripe & Jeff High School Volleyball show us the basics of setting

Video 3: How to Serve
Coach Gripe & team teach us how to serve

Video 4: Down Ball + The Spike
Coach Gripe demonstrates down ball and how to spike

Video 5: Skills to Practice at Home
Learn how to put all of your new skills together and practice from home

Very big thank you to Jeff Volleyball and Jeff High School Athletics for helping us create our Volleyball Basics How-To series!