Parking & Traffic Services

Welcome to the home page for the City of Lafayette's Parking and Traffic Services. We hope the information supplied here will make your travels and parking in Lafayette more enjoyable!


Our mission is to promote safe and efficient vehicular travel and parking throughout the City Of Lafayette, Indiana, especially in the Downtown area, while encouraging utilization of more energy efficient means of travel to improve the environment and reduce the need for public parking spaces, such as by increased use of public transit, bicycles, and smaller green vehicles.


Downtown Parking

  • Employ the most understandable and least offensive parking management strategies that are, in so far as possible, fair, consistent, and equitable to all.
  • Maintain structurally sound, safe, clean, well-lit, well-landscaped and well-managed off-street parking facilities that professionally serve the public.
  • Maintain the maximum available safe, clean, well-lit, well-landscaped on-street parking to professionally serve the public.
  • Maximize off-street options for parking for downtown business and service owners and employees.
  • Maximize on-street parking available to downtown visitors, shoppers, and service seekers.
  • Preserve the most convenient and proximate parking spaces, both on-street and off-street, for short-term parking patrons, while encouraging long-term parking patrons to park in spaces less proximate to their destinations.
  • Promote Downtown parking as welcoming, friendly and gracious to all users, while encouraging and expecting observance of the City Code and all parking regulations.
  • Promote night-time, off-street parking for all downtown residents' vehicles to enable street cleaning, snow removal, and enhance safety.
  • Recognize that parking in the Downtown area is a business and a service of the city, and as such, must follow a business model that is financially self-sustaining and founded on economic principles to be less dependent on public taxes.

Neighborhood Parking

  • Maximize off-street parking in residential areas to reduce on-street parking that affects neighboring residents.
  • Minimize over-night, on-street parking in all residential neighborhoods.


  • Employ a system of distinctive neighborhood signs to designate historic and local residential neighborhoods.
  • Employ a system of wayfinding signs and kiosks in the Downtown area to guide travelers and residents to important local destinations.
  • Promote alternative means of transportation to reduce the need for on-street and off-street parking and improve the environment through relationships, communication, partnerships, and cooperation with mass transit providers and development of bicycle and walking trails.


The City of Lafayette utilizes a number of public and private agencies to oversee parking and transportation services. Please use the list below to contact specific departments with your questions or comments.

  • Parking Enforcement - 765-807-1160 
  • Parking Operations Staff
  • Renaissance Place Parking Agent - Email Main Street Management, LLC.
  • Traffic
    • Emergency Help - 911
    • Engineering Department - 765-807-1050
    • Indiana Department of Transportation for State Highways - 765 884-1500
    • Lafayette Traffic Commission - 765-807-1050
    • Police Department Traffic Division - 765-801-1293
    • State Police for state highways - 765 567-2125
    • Traffic Improvement Department - 765 807-1400
Parking Holidays
Parking holidays are the same as city holidays.