Fire Safety Practices

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The Lafayette Fire Department dedicates its activities to the preservation of life and the conservation of property. The following information is provided to educate our community of good common fire safety practices. Additionally, you will find public educational materials for children and information regarding our community outreach efforts specifically designed for children.

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Dialing 911
Seconds count during an emergency. Everyone needs to use 911 properly to get quick help during a fire, medical emergency or a crime.

This is especially true for children. They can, and must be taught how to correctly use the 911 system to save a life. Follow these guidelines to teach children the proper way to use 911 to report emergencies:

When to call 911

Calls to 911 should only be placed in the event of a life threatening emergency, a crime in progress, to report immediate traffic hazards or other safety hazards such as gas leaks or downed power lines.

What Will the 911 Operator Need to Know?
  • What has happened?
  • What phone number are you calling from?
  • Where are you?
  • Where is the help needed?
  • Always call from a safe location. If the house is on fire, get out 1st and then call from a nearby telephone.
  • Teach children their full name and address. And always post your full address near your home phone.
  • Teach children to remain as calm as possible when speaking with the 911 operator so they can provide the correct information to send help.
  • Wait until the 911 operator tells you it is okay to hang up the telephone. It is common for 911 operators to keep young callers on the line until help arrives. 911 operators are also trained to provide life saving directions to callers during medical emergencies.
  • If you call 911 by mistake, don't hang up. Tell the 911 operator there is no emergency and you dialed by accident. If you hang up before speaking with the operator, they could send emergency crews to your location needlessly.
  • Speak clearly - do not shout
Do Not
  • Do not call 911 as a joke or prank. You can get into serious trouble. More importantly, you can delay someone else getting the help they need in an emergency.
  • Do not hang up the telephone until the 911 operator tells you it is okay to do so.
Note: Please save 911 for real Emergencies!