1. Dick & Sam

    Dick and Sam were gray horses that were employed by the Fire Department for 14 years.

  2. Labor Relations & the 1918 Strike

    Read about the salary strike in 1918 that lead to 26 Firefighters walking off the job on September 16, 1918.

  3. Major Fires in Lafayette

    Browse through a list of major fires in Lafayette during 1840 to 1940 and 1946 to present.

  4. Motorized Fire Engines Arrive

    The Fire Department tests a motorized fire engine in April of 1911 and a month later they purchase 1 of their own.

  5. Photo Gallery

    Browse through photos of the Fire Department and all the changes they went through from 1830 to 1971

  6. Steam Engine Arrives in Lafayette

    Lafayette got their 1st steam engine in 1863 and the men started to experiment with how the machine worked.

  7. The Beginning (1830-1900)

    Learn about how the bucket brigades began and how the Fire Department evolved to steam engines.