Dick & Sam

Hook & Ladder
Dick and Sam were gray horses that were employed by the Fire Department for 14 years. Their last duty as employees was to pull the Hook and Ladder wagon to Shambaugh's Garage. A new chassis was being constructed there for the Hook and Ladder. The Hook and Ladder was taken off the wagon chassis and mounted to the chassis of an 8 cylinder Cadillac.

Centennial Parade & Retirement
John Hagga had the honor of driving the team during the Centennial Parade on September 29, 1925. They were hitched to one of the old hose wagons that was shined up really nice for the occasion. The horses were in a lively mood that day, and pranced down the street. They were frequently applauded by the spectators along the route. Dick and Sam"were retired to green pastures the next day, when their service was complete. Their retirement marked the end to more than 50 years of equine service to the City of Lafayette.

"Dick" and "Sam"

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