Solicitor/Transient Merchant License

License Process
In order to get a solicitor or transient merchant license you will need to:
  1. Review the appropriate ordinance.
  2. Submit a completed application to the Lafayette Police Records Division located at:
    20 N 6th Street
    Lafayette, IN 47901
    you will need to include 2 photographs that are 2 inches by 2 inches, showing the head and shoulders, taken within the last 60 days. Application must include all necessary documentation as stated in the ordinance.
  3. Upon successful review, a $200 fee shall be paid in person to Controller's Office located at:
    20 N 6th Street
    2nd floor
    Lafayette, IN 47901
    A permit will be issued which is to be on your person whenever you are soliciting here in City of Lafayette.
For questions please contact the City of Lafayette Controller's Office at 765-807-1016.

Ordinances & Applications