What type of space do you need to set-up?

An inside gathering area where the presenter can address the audience as a group. Ideally this area will be fully enclosed (not open to hallways or exterior doors).

The presentation space should not be used for food service during our visit for health and hygiene reasons.

No other animals should be present in the presentation space.  Resident’s pets should not attend.  Please remove and secure any facility dogs/cats/birds prior to our arrival.

Please seat your residents in a way that the presenter may move around the room to bring in-hand animals close to each participant for viewing and possible touching opportunities.

No special audio/visual equipment is required. Our presenters are used to speaking loudly! Sorry, we are unable to use hand-held microphones, headsets, or lapel mics due to animal safety concerns.

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1. What is a Creature Comforts program?
2. When is the Creature Comforts Program available?
3. How far do you travel?
4. What animals will you bring?
5. What type of space do you need to set-up?
6. What are your COVID-19 policies?
7. What are your payment policies?
8. How does the reservation process work?
9. What is the cancellation/reschedule policy?
10. Do you offer monthly visit packages?