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Construction Related Road Closure Request

  1. This form is not for special event closures. For special event closures please contact the Clerk's Office at (765) 807-1021.
  2. Road/Street/Sidewalk Closure Request
    Please fill out the form completely. Incomplete forms and/or incomplete information will cause a delay in the processing of your request.
  3. Please give a detailed description of the area(s) to be closed. Please be specific.
  4. 36 HOUR NOTICE REQUIRED. If you need to cancel this request or change the dates you must contact our office at (765) 807-1055. Failure to do so could result in fines.
  5. This will be used to send a media notice to the public and emergency responders. Please provide us with a detailed description of: (1) how much of the affected area is going to be in/under construction or closed; and, (2) what equipment, signage, and flagmen, (if any) will be used in the right of way.

  6. Please attach a map showing the area(s) to be closed.
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